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Every Final Fantasy is represented by Two Stages.

A Main stage which is usually larger or complex and has an Ω version with additional features. The Majority are based on the Areas where Final Bosses are fought in the original games.

And a secondary stage which is usually smaller but with unique features or structure. These are mostly based off of important locations within their original games.

Bottommost Depths (FF4(AY) - Secondary)Edit

  • A wide open arena consisting of a large circle of ground surrounded by a ring of banish traps and a thick ‘V’ shaped ‘island’ on the side that is higher than the main island.

The Farplane (FF10 - Secondary)Edit

  • Farplane
    The Farplane is a large arena where in the centre there is a spiral of several large, consecutive raised areas, each higher than the ones before it with small inclined paths between each. Around the edges is an upwards pouring waterfall which can be used to gain extra jump height.

Delkfutt’s Tower (FF11 - Secondary)Edit

  • A fairly large arena consisting of 4 flat ‘floors’ which progressively get smaller at the top connected by large staircases round the sides. The floors can be broken at certain places to make holes in the floors for alternative access

Pharos Lighthouse 3rd Ascent (FF12 - Secondary)Edit

  • Pharos
    This Stage, although closed in, is one of the largest vertically. It consists of several ‘floors’ of square, winding staircases round the sides and floating platforms in the centres of the stairs. At the top, the floor widens with the Suncryst on a pedestal at the centre.

Airship Graveyard (FFT - Main)Edit

  • A small but open arena. It consists of four ‘ships’ that act as platforms with banish traps between each ship; two are flat and balanced with raised ends while the others are ‘sunk’ so that one is sloping upwards and the other on its side. The ‘sunken’ ships are destructible.
  • In the Ω stage, occasionally one of the ships will randomly ‘sink’ without being destroyed and reappear when another sinks. The Brave Pool alternately rises and drops when a ship sinks or is destroyed

Jagd Zellea (FFTA2 - Main)Edit

  • A large arena dominated by large cliffs around the sides and a sloping raised area with a circular structure at the centre. In each corner of the arena there are portals, which teleport any characters who come into contact to the central structure.
  • In the Ω version, Rift portals randomly open up around the stage which teleport anyone who comes into contact to a random location around the stage. The brave pool increases slightly every time one of the portals is used.