Made by DragonFire6

I added one stage to each Final Fantasy game that only has one stage in Dissidia Duodecim, except for FFXI, FFXII, and FFXIII, which I don't know enough about to be comfortable in selecting a particular location to add a stage for.

Elfheim Forest (FF1)Edit

  • Elfheim Forest is a secluded forest glade.  The abandoned castle where Astos makes his home can be seen in the background, and the front steps to the castle actually form a part of the stage.

Mount Ordeals (FF4)Edit

  • Mount Ordeals is a great mountain with a shrine near the top.  There is plenty of ground area, but the stage takes place near the top of Mount Ordeals (in the area where you fight Scarmiglione in FFIV), so there are banish traps surrounding the areas of solid ground.  There is a thick fog surrounding the stage, so you can't really see the land surrounding the mountain (or the lower-level ground around the base of the mountain.

Big Bridge (FF5)Edit

  • The Big Bridge is a very long and decently wide bridge.  There are gatehouses marking the borders of this relatively narrow stage (narrow compared to stages like Order's Sanctuary, that is - it's wider than the Phantom Train stage).  The water surrounding the bridge serves as a banish trap.

Shinra HQ (FF7)Edit

  • Shinra HQ is basically a corporate skyscraper.  The stage takes place in the rooftop area where you fight Rufus Shinra in FFVII, as well as the indoor area that is on the same floor level as the rooftop area.  As a result, half of the stage is like Mount Ordeals with greater vertical range and much less ground area, while the other half of the stage is a large room with a slightly higher ceiling than the Phantom Train - making it a rather unique stage.

Galbadia Garden (FF8)Edit

  • Galbadia Garden is a military training center and a school all in one.  The stage takes place in the outdoor area near the entrance to Galbadia Garden.  In essence, it can be compared to Crystal Tower, but there isn't a large structure in the middle and the visible walls that serve as a barrier to the stage are much higher.

Mount Gagazet (FF10)Edit

  • Like Mount Ordeals, Mount Gagazet is a tall mountain.  Unlike the rocky Mount Ordeals, Mount Gagazet is a snowy mountain.  Also, unlike the Mount Ordeals stage where combat takes place at the top of the mountain, this stage takes place on the snowy cliffside where you fight Seymour for the third time in FFX.  Mount Gagazet is like Mount Ordeals in that there is plenty of ground area and a long vertical drop to banish traps, but the ground is all together in a linear shape, as opposed to the separate-but-connected peaks in the Mount Ordeals stage.  The banish traps are also all in one area, as opposed to being spread out.

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