Summons can be equipped prior to fighting and are represented by red orbs over the player's health bar. Summons also have a limited number of uses, and in order to be used again they must be charged through battles. Several summons have two appearances: one for their "Auto" version, and one for their normal version.

Types of SummonEdit

  • Summon Icon A Auto -  Acts on a condition, usually a Bravery Break or HP Attack. Usually comes at a cost of a shorter time limit/effect than Normal summons
  • Summon Icon R O Normal - Triggered by pressing R and O together. The normal versions are often more powerful than the "Auto" one when numerical values are at stake.
  • Counter - Activates when an opponent uses a Summon. Tend to be powerful but preventable as they are reliant on the opponent using their own summon.
  • Summon Icon Exclusives - Summons only usable by computer players, most commonly by Superboss-type characters

Lists of SummonsEdit

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