The Tonberry was a bonus character in the Dissidian Wars who serves as a Assist Only Character and has no impact on the story


Despite being an Assist-only character, Tonberry has its own set of outfits, all of which are unlocked after purchasing it.

His default costume is the traditional Tonberry appearance.

Its first alternate outfit is the appearance from Final Fantasy XI, where they appear more reptilian and warty.

And his second alternate outfit is as the Tonberry King from Final Fantasy VIII, wearing more decorative clothing and sporting a small floating crown.


As an Assist-only character, Tonberry is slow and easy for the opponent to avoid, but if it does succeed in hitting the opponent, they are in serious trouble.


Move Type Description
Knife Ground (Bravery) Tonberry follows opponent and stabs at them. High damage with 10% chance to automatically Break opponent.
Karma Aerial (Bravery) Fires a stream of spirits at opponent. Increases in damage if Tonberry was previously used as an Assist Block. May stun opponent.
Chef's Knife Ground (HP) Chases after opponent and thrusts knife hard. 10% chance to reduce opponent to 1HP
Everyone's Grudge Aerial (HP) Fires out several flames from lantern than home in on opponent, deals HP damage equivalent to HP damage done by opponent to caller instead of Brave value.

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