Unique Mechanics are gameplay mechanics unique and adherent to certain characters to allow for a variety of entertaining and challenging gameplay experiences.


Tales of the AbyssEdit

  • Fonic Fields - Fonic Fields are circular areas marked by glowing patterned rings of different colors and their respective elements. They are hence fields of Fonons, which are elementary particles through which the characters and their world of Aulderant center their technology and civilizations on; likewise with Tales of the Abyss, respective characters of the series cause these fields to manifest when they are in play, either randomly passively throughout the fight or can be manifested through using elemental attacks to generate these fields upon finishing, and can utilize these fields in supportive use to alter attacks and result in different effects.
  • They come in different elemental and potency varieties:
    • Fire (light ochre/bright reddish orange)
    • Water (light aqua)
    • Wind (light green)
    • Earth (light brown)
    • Light (bright yellow)
    • Dark (bright lavender)
    • Insufficient (plain white)
    • Potent (colored)
  • How each character uses a Fonic Field differs from each of them:
    • Luke Fon Fabre: Luke has the ability to absorb Fonic Fields when he is in them with Quickmove. Upon absorbing a field, he can utilize what is known as Fonic Stock to empower an attack with a specific attack and its corresponding empowering element.
    • Jade Curtis: Jade has the ability to absorb Fonic Energy and displace them as fields close to him or at a distance. Coming into the influence of a Fonic Field allows his spells to manifest in different varieties, giving him a greater tactical advantage and tools to turn favors to his side.
    • Guy Cecil: Guy is the least reliant on Fonic Fields, however his attacks become extremely powerful should he perform an attack in a field's influence. His mechanic is summed up in the essence of gambling, where he has no control over Fonic power but has the tradeoff of utilizing them immediately with a large payoff should the opportunity present itself.

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