Vivi Ornitier

"A boy bearing unparalleled skills in the art of black magic. Although somewhat cowardly and naive he can be easily be motivated by his strong sense of justice and companionship."


Vivi Ornitier is a hero and character representing Final Fantasy IX.

In the original title Vivi met Zidane by chance when he attended his preformance of I Want to be Your Canaryand became entwined with the insidious plot of the Terran assimilation that motivated the war on Gaia and the secrets surrounding his birth and the limitations of his own life. As a Black Mage Vivi is fundamentally similar in construction to the Genomes Zidane and Kuja.

In the game's story mode, Vivi's opposes Xande who taunts him over their shared dillema of a shortened lifespan and even offers the young mage salvation under the power of Barthandelus's temptations of Eternal Life.


Vivi's standard outfit is identical to his design in Final Fantasy IX a pointy hat and blue clothes. Vivi's hat appears a bit too large for him and flops down his back instead of pointing straight up like those of the other black mages in the game. Vivi wears a blue jacket, green and white stripy trousers, red and white gloves, and brown boots.

Vivi's first alternate outfit, Phantasmagorical Coat is based on the illustrations by Yoshitaka Amano giving him an elaborate hat and black coat decorated with white baubles and multi-colored tassels.

Vivi's second alternate outfit the Wizards Jerkin is based on the clothing of the generic Black Mage models from Final Fantasy IX with a burgundy coat and white pants, though Vivi will retain his unique hat.

Vivi's DLC outfit is the Kingdom Hearts II Gear is his costume in the Kingdom Hearts series, with a hat that has a face on it and striped shoes.

His Manikin is light purple and called the Capricious Golem and is indigo in hue.


Vivi is a Concentrated Conjurer which allows him to focus most of his spells to different levels by just holding down the button, giving him unparalleled versatility in spell selection. However one must be careful when charging spells to get the desired effect because it leaves Vivi open to attack.

Brave Attacks

Name Type Range Damage Type Description Additional Effects
Mist Arts: Flame Ground/ Aerial Mid-Long Magical Charges a Fire, Fira or Firaga spell to cast.

  • Focus Level 1: Fire a pair of spiraling fireballs at the enemy. Very fast but low homing.
  • Focus Level 2: Conjure a flamethrower from Vivi's staff burning the enemy with a constant jet of flames from mid range.
  • Focus Level 3: Conjure four fireballs around the enemy which close in on them and create spiraling tower of flames with absorb properties.
Chase (Fire), Wallrush, Absorb (Firaga)
Mist Arts: Ice Ground/ Aerial Mid-Long Magical Charges a Blizzard, Blizzara or Blizzaga spell to cast.

  • Focus Level 1: Vivi sends a blast of hail forward like a shotgun like wide arc. Deals more damage at close range where the ice is more concentrated.
  • Focus Level 2: Rain a highspeed hail of ice shards on an opponent from above.
  • Focus Level 3: Raise an iceburg from a magic circle underneath the enemy and freeze the enemy inside it before it shatters dealing heavy damage. If the enemy fails to be frozen inside the ice crystal can still harm them.
Wallrush (Blizzard), Chase (Blizzara), Guard Break, Absorb (Blizzaga)
Mist Art: Lightning Ground/ Aerial Close-Long Magical Charges a Thunder, Thundara or Thundaga spell to cast.

  • Focus Level 1: Drop a single quick lightning bolt on the enemy. Quick recovery, Low power.
  • Focus Level 2: Raise staff and unleash a web of electricity around Vivi shocking the enemy multiple times if they are nearby.
  • Focus Level 3: Conjure black clouds above the enemy which will follow them and rain thunderbolts on the enemy for a prolonged period of time.
Chase (Thunder), Absorb (Thundara)
Water Ground/ Aerial Mid Magical Vivi conjures a wide and high wave of water that rushes from his location but gets smaller the further it travels. Deals more damage from a closer range Wallrush
Flare Ground/ Aerial Mid Magical Vivi shoots a fire ball that leaves a trail of miniature explosions behind it before popping into a more powerful explosion. Guard Break
Strike Ground/ Aerial Close Physical Vivi bats the enemy away from him with his staff. Chase

HP Attacks

Name Type Range Damage Type Description Additional Effects
Break Ground Mid Magical Shakes the ground under an opponent causing BRV damage and then raise stalagmites which impale the enemy from different angles. Wallrush
Mist Arts: Celestial Body Ground/ Aerial Long Magical Charges a Comet, Meteor or Doomsday spell to crush the enemy.

  • Focus Level 1: Summon a small and fast meteor to strike the enemy from diagnol arc, exploding on impact.
  • Focus Level 2: Conjure a large meteor from directly above the enemy raining down and crushing them in an explosive impact.
  • Focus Level 3: Conjure a massive meteor above the enemy which absorbs matter from the ground pulling the enemy with strong absorption before falling.
Wallrush (Comet) Wallrush, Absorb (Meteor and Doomsday)
Mist Arts: Venom Ground/ Aerial Close-Long Magical Charges a Poison or Bio spell to erode enemies.

  • Focus Level 1: Ooze a violet mist around Vivi's body corroding the enemy with poison before dealing HP damage.
  • Focus Level 2: Conjure a green cloud of acid around an enemy lingering in the location for a while even if it fails to strike.
Demi Aerial Long Magical Create a well of gravity energy which pulls enemies to it and crushes them for brave damage before bursting for HP damage. Absorb

EX Mode - Trance

Name Type Description
Regen EX Ability Recovers HP over time during EX Mode.
Critical Boost EX Ability Doubles Critical Rate while in EX Mode
Focus EX Ability Vivi's spells will charge to higher levels in half the time.
Double Black EX Ability Vivi can instantly cast the same spell twice by pressing the button again.
Limited Time EX Burst Vivi casts Flare to blast the enemy into the EX Zone and he begins channeling a spell crating a black hole in the sky which absorbs the enemy and begins to absorb rock matter to itself forming a meteor that grows in size depending on how well the command is done. If done correctly the meteor will ignite and crash to the floor, if you fail the meteor will instead explode into shrapnel.


Vivi can equip Staves, Rods, Poles, Daggers, Books, Bangles, Hats, Hairpins, Clothes and Robes.

Exclusive WeaponsEdit

Name Level Stats Effects Obtained
Octagon Rod 30 BRV +82
ATK +38
Magical Damage +5% Trade: 61,000 gil, Healing Staff, Scarletite x1, Golem's Desire x5
High Mage Staff 90 BRV +70
ATK +62
Magical Damage +10% Trade: 158,000 gil, Octagon Rod, Electrum x1, Golem's Dream x5
Black Waltz 100 BRV +40
ATK +67
Magical Damage +15%
Back to the Wall ability
Trade: 182,800 gil, High Mage Staff, Limited Time x1, Golem's Hopes x5

Trade AccessoryEdit

Name Description
Limited Time Your existence is defined not by your creation but by your decisions.


When battled in story mode an arrangement of Festival of the Hunt plays as the background music.


  • Vivi's weapons are named after weapons he can equip over the course of Final Fantasy IX, except for his level 100 Exclusive which is named after the trio of powerful custom Black Mage's.
  • Vivi's trade accesorry and EX Burst draw their name from a song on the Final Fantasy IX soundtrack.
  • Vivi's charged spell gimick is inspired by his Focus ability.
  • Vivi's Strike skill is named after the attack used by enemy Black Mages.