"A once immortal wizard who commands a terrible magic stolen from the crystals themselves." 


Xande is a playable character and villain from Final Fantasy III.

In his original game he was the greatest student of the immortal Archmagus Noah, and when Noah passed from the world he gave Xande the gift of mortality. Feeling spurnned by his master, Xande sought a way to escape his inevitable demise and sought to stop time itself by draining the four crystals of their power and creating the Flood of Darkness. For centuries he lived on unopposed until the Warriors of Light defeated him and his legion of monsters putting a stop to his nefarious schemes once and for all.

In the storyline he swore alliegence to Barthandelus and and aided the fal'cie with his schemes to bring about an ultimate end to the cycle and the meaningless servitude to the gods with the promise that he would emerge from this with eternal life. To this end he confronted the heroes and became enraptured with a vicious rivalry with his moral opposite the young Black Mage Vivi.



In Xande's regular form he wears long blue cape with a high collar with a dominantly blue sash and yellow pants. In his EX Mode Xande more closely resembles his NES sprite his hair becoming much shorter and his skin becoming blue and face more demonic.

In his first alternate outfit Xande's Clone, changes Xande's body to become a red palette swap based on the enemy of the same name.

In his second alternate outfit Azure Carapace, Xande's body changes to reflect his DS design, becoming a bluish silver hue rather then a jet black carapace and his hair becomes slicked back and much shorter rather then its normal mullet style.

Xande's DLC costume Lord of the Crystal Tower is based on Xande's design from Final Fantasy XIV making his sking a navy colour with red hands bearing long white claws and giving and prounounced yellow veins cover his body. 

His Manikin is green and called the Counterfeit Magus.


Xande is described as a Crystal Corrupter, which means he commands shards of the four crystals of light to do his bidding. Xande's spells take effect by him channeling energy into the crystals and he can place these crystals throughout the battlefield to give his strategy more depth.

Inherent Abilities

Name Type Description
Crystal Drop Ability Hold the R button and tap L to drop the active (Last crystal used) on the field.
Crystal Return Ability Hold the R and tap the Square button to return all crystals to Xande.

Brave Attacks

Name Type Range Damage Type Description Additional Effects
Fire Crystal Ground/ Aerial Long Magical Activate the magic of the fire crystal, summoning heat rays that trail along surfaces leaving flames trailing behind. Chase
Water Crystal Ground/ Aerial Long Magical Activate the magic of the water crystal, summoning deulges of water to pour down from the sky in a great rain. Wallrush
Earth Crystal Ground/ Aerial Close-Mid Magical Activate the magic of the earth crystal, summnoing chunks of earth to spiral about before launching at the enemy in sucsession Wallrush
Wind Crystal Ground/ Aerial Close Magical Activate the magic of the wind crystal, summoning a tornado with intense suction that also pulls magical projectiles. Absorb, Magic Block
Crush Ground/ Aerial Close Physical Strike the enemy with a rising axe handed strike, launching them far from Xande N/A

Brave to Brave Attacks

Name Chains From Range Damage Type Description Additional Effects
Flare Fire Crystal Combo Magical Xande channels the magic of the fire crystal and throws a powerful ball of fire that bounces of of the walls and deals multiple strikes on impact. Chase
Flood Water Crystal Combo Magical Xande channels the magic of the water crystal sending a stream of water at the enemy which when striking expands into a torrent of spiraling waves. N/A
Quake Earth Crystal Combo Magical Activate the magic of the earth crystal summoning chunks of earth to spiral around the crystal before homing into the enemy as projectiles. Wallrush
Tornado Wind Crystal Combo Magical Xande channels the magic of the wind crystal summoning a horizontal whirlwing from his hand that drills the enemy into the nearest surface. Wallrush

HP Attacks

Name Type Range Damage Type Description Additional Effects
Fang of Earth Ground Long Magical Channel power into the earth crystal summoning a tornado of quicksand to drag the enemy underground crushing them within the earth. Absorb
Fang of Fire Ground Long Magical Channel power into the fire crystal, sending fireballs into the sky which will fall onto the opponent in downward spirals. Excellent for attacking from below. Wallrush
Meteor Ground/ Aerial Long Physical Hold square to summon a burning boulder in the sky which will fall until it hits a surface or the player lets go of the button which will cause it to explode. Absorb
Fang of Water Aerial Long Physical Channel power into the water crystal summoning unleashing a large wave of water that decreases as the distance grows. Wallrush
Fang of Wind Aerial Long Physical Channel power into the wind crystal conjuring a dome of wind to whirl around Xande reflecting attacks and dealing multiple hits. Xande can move while casting this spell. N/A

EX Mode - Crystals Drained

Name Type Description
Regen EX Ability Recovers HP over time during EX Mode.
Critical Boost EX Ability Doubles Critical Rate while in EX Mode
Libra EX Ability Keen analysis gives Xande perception to enemy weakness decreasing enemy defense by 1.5.
Crystal Power EX Ability Xande can cast the Bravery Link spells without striking with the initial spell
Curse of the Five Wyrms EX Burst Alternate tapping R and L!

Xande will smash the enemy into the EX Zone by throwing his staff at them as the shards of the screen will reconstitute into an elaboate mirror freezing the opponent in place as Xande charges his spell. Once finished the four crystals and Xande channel their power into the mirror as a dragon of energy soars up from the glass spiraling around the still frozen enemy before crashing down into the enemy jaw first.


Xande can equip Staves, Rods, Poles, Books, Instruments, Robes, Clothes, Bangles, Bracers Hats and Hairpins.

Exclusive WeaponsEdit

Name Level Stats Effects Obtained
Doga's Artifact 30 BRV -42

ATK +40 DEF +2

Assist Duration +5% Trade: 61,000 gil, Diamond Bell, Scarletite x1, Magus's Desire x5
Unei's Mirror 90 BRV -42

ATK +63 DEF +1

Assist Duration +10% Trade: 158,000 gil, Doga's Artifact, Electrum x1, Magus's Dream x5
Noah's Lute 100

BRV -42 ATK +68 DEF +2

Assist Duration +15%
Riptose ability
Trade: 182,800 gil, Unei's Mirror, Gift of Mortality x1, Magus's Hopes x5

Trade AccessoryEdit

Name Description
Gift of Mortality The deathless envy the mortals for they see life transient and ever changing.


When battled in story mode an arrangement of Final Fantasy III's Battle 2 plays as the background music.


  • Xande's Unique Weapons are named after his fellow immortal Magi and are named after direct references to these characters from Final Fantasy IX.
  • The Elemental Fangs are key items in Final Fantasy III

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