Lieutenant Colonel Yaag Rosch is a PSICOM officer and a major antagonist in Final Fantasy XIII. Though he had a hard time in the military academy, he graduated second in his class, just behind Jihl Nabaat, later becoming her right-hand-man and the director of PSICOM's elite division.

Though he is a soldier of Chaos representing Final Fantasy XIII, working with Jihl Nabaat under Barthandelus, he has doubts about the war and the "goals" of his supposed allies. Because of this he tends to act much like Golbez, aiding the warriors of Cosmos when he can and fighting them when he has to keep up a cover with his superiors.

He is voiced by Hiroki Touchi in the Japanese version and by Jon Curry in the English version.


Yaag Rosch was designed by Nao Ikeda, supporting character designer for Final Fantasy XIII. His hair is silver and his style consists of thick, collar-length bangs spiked at the front and slicked down at the back, featuring a short ponytail tied with a black ribbon. He has sharp facial features, a thin scar running the length of his forehead, and blue-gray eyes. He wears the standard uniform of a male PSICOM lieutenant colonel and wears a military saber on his belt. His alternate costumes consist of various PSICOM Shock Troops (Enforcer and Raider) with his DLC costume being the Sanctum Saraph fought in Eden right before the battle against the Proudclad he pilots. His Manikin is pink and called the Fleeting Commander.


Rosch's fighting style is described as Staggering Blaster, where he intercepts and eliminates enemy opposition with a variety of powerful weaponry. Yaag uses a varied weapon set between his sword, various guns, and different boosts he’s able to give himself. However only one Manadrive can be active at a time, and only lasts a few seconds. In EX-Mode he gains effects similar to Laguna’s and his Manadrives last much longer. Through this Yaag has a weapon for each range and situation without having to worry about getting a decent foothold.

Brave Attacks

Name Position Range Type Description Additional Effects
Sanctify Ground Close Physical Ravage the opponent with a multitude of slashes Chase
Bazooka Ground Mid Physical Fire off a high-speed missile with a large, on contact explosion Wall Rush
Rifle Storm Ground Mid Physical Fire off a volley of machine gun bullets None
Laser Ground/ Aerial Long Magical Yaag fires off a series of lasers from behind him, homing in on the opponent. None
Manadrive Bravery Ground/ Aerial Special Special Temporarily increase damage None
Manadrive Shell Ground/ Aerial Special Special Temporarily increase magical defense None
Manadrive Protect Ground/ Aerial Special Special Temporarily increase physical defense None
Stagger Aerial Close Physical Deliver a staggering chain of blows Chase
Missile Burst Aerial Mid Physical Fire off several heat-seeking missiles Wall Rush
MRSL Volley Aerial Mid Physical Fire off a high-powered sniper bullet None

HP Attacks

Name Position Range Type Description Additional Effects

Oneiric Maelstrom

Ground/Aerial Mid Physical

Yaag summons Proudclad’s missile launchers, firing them off in a horizontal sweep in front of himself. In the air its also aimed downwards.

Ground/Wall Rush, Guard Break

Retalitory Strike Ground/ Aerial Guard Physical Yaag puts up a defensive stance while taunting the opponent. If hit while in this stance he summons the Proudclad’s laser cannons and rains down lasers on the opponent. If not than he taunts the opponent further while going back to his normal stance. Guard
Flag Strike Point Ground/ Aerial Mid~Long Physical Yaag throws a Targeting Beacon in an arc that calls down an orbital strike to where it lands. Can be charged to increase distance. Ground Rush

EX Mode - Limiters Deactivate

Name Type Description
Regen EX Ability Recovers HP over time during EX Mode.
Critical Boost EX Ability Doubles Critical Hit Rate while in EX Mode
Charging Manadrive EX Ability Manadrive effects last longer
Manadrive Haste EX Ability Allows Brave attacks to cancel into each other from the same frames as Dodge Canceling.
Aerial Defense Mode EX Burst Thrust forward with the saber before kicking the opponent into the EX-Zone, at which point Yaag teleports into the Proudclad, bringing up an ATB gauge. Four skills are available: Laser (1), Laser Barrage (2), Retaliatory Strike (2), and Oneiric Maelstrom(3). Laser has its normal effect, Oneiric Maelstrom deals brave damage rather than HP damage, Laser Barrage summons an array of high-powered rifles to rain down much stronger lasers, and Retaliatory Strike does nothing.

Selecting Laser, Laser Barrage, and Oneiric Maelstrom in that order will activate Annihalation Mode, causing it to flip down into a tank-like form and fire off Moun Blaster; a giant energy beam that will deal HP damage on the final hit. If any other selection is made he will instead fire off a large amount of guided missiles to deal HP damage.


  • Weapons: Swords, Katanas, Guns
  • Chest Armor: Clothing, Light Armor 
  • Head Armor: Hats, Helms, Headbands
  • Hand Armor: Shields, Bangles, Gauntlets

Name Level Stats Effects Obtained
Corps Marksman 30

HP -377 BRV +83 ATK +40

Assist Depletion +5% Trade: 61000 gil, Sirius, Scarletite x1, Commander's Desire x5
PSICOM Predator 90  HP -288

BRV +64 ATK +63 

 Assist Depletion +10%  Trade: 158,000 gil, Corps Markman, Electrum x1, Commander's Dream x5
Sanctum Archangel 100  HP -328

BRV +79 ATK +68 

 Assist Depletion +15% 

Anti-EX Effect

Trade: 182,800 gil, PSICOM Predator, Item x1, Commander's Hopes x5


  • His title, Staggering Blaster, references two major mechanics in Final Fantasy XIII: the Stagger system, which his aerial attack Stagger also references, and the Paradigm Ravager's Japanese name.
  • All of his Brave Attacks, save for Stagger, are references to one of PSICOM's units, causing his design to more representitive of PSICOM as a whole rather than Yaag Rosch himself.
    • His exclusive weapons and alt costumes also represent this, the former being named after the three different, more or less, "teirs" of military organizations in Cocoon.
      • This is even further represented by his field theme being PSICOM's leitmotif.
    • The way his Brave attacks are set up also gives him the feel of a Paradigm system, though no such mechanic is in place for him.
  • His HP attacks are smilar to Lightning's in that he summons parts of The Proudclad to attack, compared to Lightning's use of Odin's blades.
  • His EX-Burst is unique in that it utilizes XIII's ATB system as it's trigger rather than a standard button press sequence, activating one of The Proudclad's most powerful attacks.
  • His role in the story is reminicent to how he dies in a self sacrifice against the Sanctum after realizing that they were working against the common good. This hints that upon death he was transported to World B, possibly arriving before Jihl or Barthandalus. However his distrust towards them is rather well hidden, given his untrusting nature as a whole.
  • He has a very interesting, though brief, meeting with Firion. During such Yaag surves a role similar to Leon does in Final Fantasy II, teaming up with him in the end to take down Emporer Metaeus for his own ulterior motives. However it is unclear if Yaag does this to help Firion, and by extention the other warriors of Cosmos, or if he was trying to gain favor with Barthandelus.

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