Encounters (Generic) Edit

Opponent level >10 lower than YunaEdit

Please, let me pass.

Do we really have to fight?


I'll give it all I have.

I will face you.

I do this, or nothing changes.

Opponent level >10 higher than YunaEdit

It seems that this is inevitable.

My story, is not over yet.

Yuna has low healthEdit

I'm alright, I can still fight.

I can't... give up.

Opponent has low healthEdit

Bear with me, if you will.

I will stand my ground.


Yuna! To the front!
when fighting an opponent in a tournament battle

I will not... waver.
when fighting a second straight opponent in a tournament battle

I'll win, for everyone!
when fighting an opponent in a round-robin party battle

It's alright, I can win!
when last to fight in a round-robin battle

Encounters: Character Specific Edit

For me, there is no turning back.
Warrior of Light

I will put an end, to your fight.

Dreams must be fulfilled...

The world is not yours to rule.
The Emperor

Do you know of a summoner too?
Onion Knight

Return to your realm!
Cloud of Darkness

I want to see you surmount your challenges.

I will fight to end everyone's sorrow.

I promised not to flee.

Your bright spirits are rubbing off on me.

I want to put an end to everyone's sorrows!

Is it possible you're more fun than I thought?

Please, trust in yourself.

I will stop this senseless cycle of destruction!

You fight to protect her, don't you?

I have a promise to keep as well.

The powers of ruin won't sway me...

Don't you want to be with the others?

I'll show you, I'll prove my will.

I will give it all I've got.

Will you put on a show if I win?

I can't let him deceive me...

To have to fight against you...

Is that me? Or are you an impostor?

Here I come, Sir Jecht!

Time to show off what I've learned.

You're so upbeat! I should emulate you.

It'd be great if I could fly freely like you...

Hatred brings about nothing.

Do you shoulder great responsibilities as well?

I'll defeat you at any cost!

I'll risk my life to protect everyone!
Feral Chaos

My will is strong.

I will fight too!
Cosmos Warriors

Father... give me strength.
Chaos Warriors


Valefor! Ascend!
when using Sonic Wings

Valefor! Release!
when using Energy Blast

Ifrit! Fists of hellfire!
when using Meteor Strike

Ixion! Lightning strike!
when using Aerospark

Shiva! Strike down!
when using Heavenly Strike

Bahamut! Cascading strength!
when using Impulse

Guide us with your light.
when using Energy Ray

Show your flames.
when using Hellfire

Pierce the darkness! End this!
when using Thor's Hammer

Please! Freeze them now!
when using Diamond Dust or when using an HP attack during Chase

Burn everything in sight!
when using Mega Flare

For the hope of the world.
when activating EX Mode

I will end the spiral of confict!
when EX Burst begins

Sins of time eternal...I will cast them away.
when EX Burst is performed

Sins of time eternal...I will do it without false hope.
with alternate EX Burst execution

I won't lose!
when activating EX Revenge

I'll try.
when called as an Assist

when using Hellfire as an Assist

when using Diamond Dust as an Assist

Please, don't let it end.
final blow

Victory Edit

Maybe, I'm learning too.

I won...because of all of you.

That was a challenging trial.
Finish with low HP

Gee, I really need to train some more.
Finish with low HP

I won't lose, not with all of you with me.
when opponent was stronger (level >10 higher)

I have to keep this up!
when opponent was stronger (level >10 higher)

I can't let my guard down.
when opponent was weaker (level >10 lower)

Thank you...all of you.
when opponent was weaker (level >10 lower)

Defeat Edit

Did I lack the proper strength?

Everyone, lent me their strength.

It's because I was naive.

With all my power, yet I fail.
when opponent was weaker (level >10 lower)

This...isn't how it was supposed to go.
when opponent was weaker (level >10 lower)

How can I call myself a summoner?
when opponent was stronger (level >10 higher)

I'm sorry...everyone.
when opponent was stronger (level >10 higher)