Zael was a young mercenary and the main hero of The Last Story. He was the sub-leader of a band of mercenaries aiming to be Knights of which his best friend, Dagran, commanded. He met Dagran after a group of bandits burned down the village in where he lived, stole their valuables and killed his family. A being known as 'Outsider' gave him unusual abilities that reflected his true nature - loneliness - drawing the attention of enemies to himself away from allies, to slow down his enemies, and slightly heal himself when attacking his enemies.

Zael does not appear in the Dissidean Wars' story, but does have an opposing villain - Zangurak.


Zael’s basic attire is based off of his base game appearance in The Last Story - Black shirt, long grey overcoat and trousers, and bronze armouring on his shoulder's and arms. On his right hand is his Outsider Mark. In EX Mode, Zael's Outsider mark glows brightly blue spawning 'Light Chains'.

Zael's alternative costume is based off of his artwork, giving him longer hair, lighter more monochrome clothes and black armour. In EX Mode the mark glows Silver

His 3rd alternative costume 'Shirtless Youth' removes Zael's overcoat and shirt but retains his arm's armour. In EX Mode the mark glows Red

The DLC costume 'Lazulis Knight', dresses Zael in the armour of the country of Lazulis, where he worked. In EX Mode Zael's Mark glows Gold.

Zael’s manikin Lost Attractor is White with blue highlights


Zael is a Trap Teleporter who lays trap-like auras on the battle field while fighting his opponents with his sword and his crossbow for long range, unusually Zael has the option of targeting his trap auras as well as his opponents, by using certain combinations of auras and close-range HP attacks he can yield additional effects. However, while Zael has a balanced and versitile moveset, he lacks power if the combinations aren't exploited.

Innate Abilities

Name Type Description
Teleport Ability If Zael has placed an aura, holding X will make him teleport to the aura.

Brave Attacks

Name Type Description
Snipe Ground Fires a quick arrow at the opponent, low damage but quick hit. Tap O to fire a second less accurate arrow. Second shot can initiate a chase sequence.
Ice Slip Aura Ground Lays a blue aura on the ground that stuns and deals damage to any opponent that comes into contact.
Reverse Heal Aura Ground Lays a large white aura on the ground. Absorbs Brave continuously from opponents while in contact.
Flare Aura Ground/ Aerial Leaves a floating sigil aura that explodes if opponents get too near. May initiate a Chase sequence
Wizard Slayer Ground/ Aerial Fires a single piercing arrow at the opponent. Cancels any attack charging by the opponent. Can be Wall Rushed for additional damage
Shining Aura Aerial Leaves a ball of light in the air that slowly homes in on the opponent. If it does hit the opponent they are trapped temporarily.
Vertical Cut Aerial Backflips before slicing downwards. If O is held, Zael will continue cutting until he reachs the ground or hits either an opponent on obstacle. Can be Wall Rushed.

HP Attacks

Name Type Description
Glacier Ground Charges towards nearest aura while slashing and firing a chunk of ice. If aura is a Cold Aura, attack follows with a wave of ice continuing forward from charge.
Deflector Ground Rapidly spins with sword towards nearest aura. If aura was Reverse Healing Aura, the next brave attack to Zael deals no damage (counts only first two hits of combo attacks)
Burst Arrow Ground/ Aerial Shoots a large arrow straight at opponent, firing can be timed by charging. Explodes if it misses. Can Wall Rush for additional damage
Prominence Aerial Teleports to nearest aura and appears in an explosion of flames. Can be Wall Rushed. If aura was a Flare Aura, explosion is larger and deals brave damage before final hit.
Shining Aerial Dives and flips towards nearest aura while firing arrows randomly. If aura was a Shining Aura, Zael instead fires several holy arrows toward the opponent that slightly home in.

Brave to HP Attacks

Name Type Description
Freezing Gale Ground (Chained from Ice Slip Aura) Zael charges at the opponent and summons a spike of ice that grows up from the ground before shattering.
Burning Gale Ground/ Aerial (Chained from Flare Aura) Zael charges at the opponent followed by an outward wave of flames
Holy Gale Aerial (Chained from Shining Aura) Zael charges in and summons a wind of swirling light that implodes on the opponent.

EX Mode - Outsider's Power

Name Type Description
Regen EX Ability Recovers HP over time during EX Mode.
Critical Boost EX Ability Doubles Critical Hit Rate during EX Mode
Accelerate EX Ability Increases attack speed and movement speed. Zael automatically teleports if X is tapped during a dodge
Gathering EX Burst Zael slows time for his opponent, requires the player to fast-tap X and O five times. If tapped correctly, Zael holds his opponent in Light Chains before laying several trap auras and charging at the enemy releasing all auras and dealing damage. If incorrect, Zael merely slashes for damage


Zael can equip Swords, Dagger, Greatswords, Bows, Guns, Bangles, Parrying Weapons, Hats, Hairpins, Light Armour and Heavy Armour

Exclusive WeaponsEdit

Name Level Stats Effects Obtained
Stranger 30 ATK +39
HP +150
BRV Rrecovery +20% Trade: 61,000 gil, Longsword, Scarletite x1, Attractor's Desire x5
Lazulis Blade 90 ATK +62
HP +233
BRV Rrecovery +40% Trade: 158,000 gil, Stranger, Electrum x1, Attractor's Dream x5
Triave 100 ATK +68
HP +188
BRV Rrecovery +60%
Cat Nip
Trade: 182,800 gil, Lazulis Blade, Memento Lens, Attractor's Hopes x5

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