Zero is a guest character and is a central deuteragonist of the Mega Man X series, and the main character of the Mega Man Zero series.


In battle, Zero is known as a Mirai Kensei (lit. Future Sword Luminary/Saint), utilizing his Z Saber to levels only capable of Reploid proficiency.

Brave AttacksEdit

to be indexed appropriately later

  • Z-Saber
  • Rising Zero
  • Magnitude Zero
  • Zero Flash
  • Zero Flay
  • Juuhazan

HP AttacksEdit

  • Fuyutatsu Kibasenfubuki (lit. "Winter Dragon Fang Flash Blizzard), Winter Dragon Wrath
  • Enryuu Dairetsukakeru (lit. "Flame Dragon's Great Rending Ascension"), Blazing Dragon Ascension
  • Tenseikai Daikuukouboujin (lit. "Heavenly Star Sea Great Sky Light Beam Array"), Heaven Starlight Array
  • Daichi Hanabisakuharu (lit. "Mother Earth Firework Blossom Spring"), Nature Flaring Flower
  • Daikyoarashigami no Rengeki (Atrocious Storm God's Onslaught), Disastrous Storm Destruction
  • Tenraidentatsu no Renunbu (lit. "Heavenly Thunder and Lightning Dragon's Rambunctious Cloud Dance), Thunder Dragon Sky Dance
  • Takehisotora no Messatsugouaku (lit. "Annihilating Carnage of the Bamboo Lurking Tiger"), Tiger's Den Carnage
  • Ankai Shugekigorasen (lit. "Dark Sea's Eradicating Great Spiral")

EX ModeEdit

  • Ittouryoudan no Hiougi - Genmu Rei (lit. "Ultimate Technique of One Killing Blow - Phantasm Zero")

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